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Rapid Print of Southwest Florida Inc. offers design and layout for all your printed pieces


 Digital Printing

     Rapid Print has two high speed color Digital Xerox Presses, and two large format color printers. The improved quality of digital copies has given small businesses access to promotional materials once denied them. High speed color copiers have carved a niche out of the short run color market, economically competing with the offset printing process. 

     Many businesses have black copiers and/or computer printers, so you may ask why go to a print shop for copies? For a few copies now and then you would probably keep the work in house. But, if you need a quantity that might put your contracted usage in jeopardy, out-sourcing is an option. You may think it would be economical to send an employee to a do-it-yourself copy center, but when you consider paying by the copy, for the mileage to drive there and the wages of the person you send, the better option would be to call Rapid Print, who will pick-up the copy and deliver the final job. 

     The large format digital color printers are great for photographs or duplicating paintings. It's not known for its speed, but its 7 (seven) color ink configuration produces an excellent reproduction of the original. For longevity we offer archival quality paper and canvas and UV resistant inks for the reproduction of photographs and paintings. And, water-resistant polypropylene is recommended for banners, signs, posters and charts.


 Large Format Digital Color Printer 


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